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Lakota Elder beats Covid-19

Lakota Elder beats Covid-19

January 26, 2021

Lakota Elder beats Covid-19

Victor Swallow was willing to share his experience with contacting the Covid-19 virus.  At the age of 81 it was a very serious matter.  Taking one day at a time, he relives his hospital stay and how he is now slowly regaining strength today.  A lesson we can all learn that each day is precious. 

Dr. Eric Zimmer/Historian for the Oyate

Dr. Eric Zimmer/Historian for the Oyate

January 19, 2021

Dr. Eric Zimmer/ Historian for the Oyate

When I want to learn about something, I like to consult an expert.  Dr. Zimmer is a historian and author of two books.  He is a fellow for Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies.  (CAIRNS) 

I wanted to learn about the history of the Indian boarding schools in Rapid City, SD.  Dr. Zimmer among others has researched this topic for many years.  He brings to light a summary of the troubled history.    

Devils Tower (AKA) Bear Lodge

Devils Tower (AKA) Bear Lodge

January 12, 2021

Devils Tower  (AKA)   Bear Lodge

You will learn how both a Lakota and Japanese artist collaborated on a project.  Mr. Junku Muto had a vision to create seven sculptors in order to circle the earth.  A great project to promote world peace.  The first sculpture was placed at the Vatican, the second in India, and the third at Devils Tower.  Sandy Swallow shares how she became a small part in this project.  How Wind Circle became an emotional look back in history.   

Joseph Marshall III,  Lakota Author and Historian

Joseph Marshall III, Lakota Author and Historian

January 5, 2021

Joseph Marshall III,   Lakota Author and Historian

Joseph Marshall is an enrolled Rosebud Sioux.  He is the author of more than 33 books.  Founding member of the Sinte Gleska University.  He has a wide verity of interests and talents.  You will learn of his latest endeavor.  How his childhood shaped him into becoming the man he is now.  I was honored that he took the time to visit on Lakota Link.

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